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KFC US CEO on building a better bucket of chicken + Chowly CEO on streamlining third-party delivery

This week we go inside that heavenly scented bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken as we pull back the curtain on the 89-year-old KFC brand with the help of KFC U.S. President CEO Kevin Hochman. Then, Chowly CEO Sterling Douglass helps restaurateurs untangle that growing mass of third-party delivery providers in their playing field today.

| by S.A. Whitehead — Food Editor, Net World Media Group

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Podcast Summary

On a whole lot of U.S. street corners and shopping complexes, if you take a deep breath you will probably catch the scent of the one-and-only Kentucky Fried Chicken that has been populating the landscape, here and abroad, for decades.

The Yum Brands-parented QSR is, in fact, now the second largest restaurant chain in the world and today KFC U.S. President Kevin Hochman takes the podcast mic to answer questions from QSRweb Editor and Podcast Host Shelly Whitehead about where the chain is headed, what it's taking with it from its 89-year-old legacy, and what's up with all those fried chicken-scented consumer products.

But first, POS integrator Chowly drops in to help restaurateurs make some sense out of the flood of third-party delivery and POS providers that now make the QSR world go 'round. Believe it or not, there are today more than 1,000 third-party delivery providers in the US alone today, and 250-plus POS systems. Chowly CEO Sterling Douglass says it's critical that restaurateurs pull the services they're using into their systems in an organized and operationally efficient way.

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S.A. Whitehead

Pizza Marketplace and QSRweb editor Shelly Whitehead is a former newspaper and TV reporter with an affinity for telling stories about the people and innovative thinking behind great brands.

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