Play now or Pay later: Webinar relays KFC and Pizza Hut lessons on loyalty and mobile ordering

| by S.A. Whitehead
Play now or Pay later: Webinar relays KFC and Pizza Hut lessons on loyalty and mobile ordering

Same-store incremental revenue growth — five words that define what most brands are seeking today. Increasingly, the key to achieving these five words is tech, and more specifically, ordering and loyalty technology in the form of branded apps. 

If you were among the participants of an hour-long webinar last week with LoyaltyPlant on those key restaurant tech components, you now know that megabrands like KFC and Pizza Hut achieved same-store incremental revenue growth through the well-informed use of ordering and loyalty tech. 

Consider the numbers achieved after those two Yum-parented brands worked with LoyaltyPlant on their mobile ordering and loyalty apps:

  • Pizza Hut sees 2.1 percent increase in revenue just by automating customer birthday greetings;
  • KFC sees 1.5 percent jump in revenue through automated bounce-back coupons; and
  • KFC converts 22 percent of customers addressed through proximity marketing campaign. 

The same types of initiatives have been shown to work very well for smaller brands as well, as webinar participants learned. For example, Balance Grill, a LoyaltyPlant client who learned not only how to engage and build true brand loyalty, but also how to convert it into those five aforementioned words.

And similar outcomes just kept coming during the session, which is now available to our readers as a free replay, and which offers proven tips to amp up tech offerings of your brand. 

It's not just the wave of the future. It's the wave of the current food service market, and brands that fail to get on board — or fail to get experienced direction on how to make technology really work for them — are almost certain to suffer for it. 

If you are interested in investing an hour of your time to learn about this important trending topic, click here

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