New player rolling into foodservice news universe

| by S.A. Whitehead
New player rolling into foodservice news universe

An online publication covering everything about the growing food truck industry will debuts April 1. is one of the latest creations by this site's parent company, Networld Media Group, so it will naturally cover the industry with all the expertise, variety and even fun that you've come to expect from all the business news sites operating under the publishing leadership of Louisville-based Networld.

The Food truck industry has grown 12.4 percent over the past five years is expected to generate $2.7 billion this year. and its editorial staff will cover industry trends and news, profile business owners and explore the technologies and tools available to help operators grow their businesses.

The site's managing editor, Elliot Maras, recently wrapped anin-depth series on the food truck segment — presented in its entirety on sister site, Maras reported that although independent operators have driven much of the food truck industry’s explosive growth thus far, traditional foodservice chains are beginning to invest heavily in food trucks as well.

In fact, a recent National Restaurant Association survey found that leaders at 60 percent of restaurants who say their businesses fall in the fast casual category, classified food trucks as a good way to expand business, while 55 percent said the popularity of food trucks is on the rise.

Other indications that food trucks are coalescing into a major retail food channel include the proliferation of both food and truck/equipment safety regulations, as well as the emergence of food truck trade associations, coordinated food truck event scheduling, and the many food truck operators who are now adopting high-tech solutions, like POS payment software, to support daily operations.

"We see the food truck business as one of the most innovative and fast-growing food industry segments over the coming year," said Networld Media Group Executive Vice President and Publisher Kathy Doyle. "The independent operator business is developing rapidly at local and regional levels, while big brands are focused on developing food truck extensions nationally."

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