Stay solid: Join the movement to add 'e' to Pi Day

| by S.A. Whitehead
Stay solid: Join the movement to add 'e' to Pi Day

The math-phobic's day of mourning is upon us. Like every March 14, this Pi Day is our national salute to all things mathematical as represented by the number 3.14, the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter.

Of course, since its 1980s inception, Pi Day has morphed into something more closely associated with Pi's homonym, Pie, as in pizza pie. And though a nice stringy slice might have little to do with the number pi, it could be argued that pizza pie is also constant, transcendent and even, at times, irrational, just like the number is said to be. And that, in short, is why Pizza Marketplace is today calling readers to join a campaign to add "e" to Pi Day, or #addE2πday. (Hint: To make the pi symbol on a pc keyboard, hold down alt key and type "227" on the numbers  keypad. To do so on a Mac, click here for instructions.)

Rise up, pizza restaurateurs, and put an end to the 3.14 madness. We all know that pizza pie is the real reason to celebrate. And the best part is that — depending on the success of this grassroots campaign —next year we could have many more chains offering specials on pizza during the new "Pie Day." For now, here are some of the specials we've heard chains are offering to celebrate 3.14:  

  • &pizza: The chain is putting a little love in the day when stores in Washington, D.C., Philadelphia and Baltimore offer weddings on site, both for those who've reserved ahead and a limited number of walk-in wedded wannabees.
  • Blaze Pizza: This chain is staying constant with the mathematical constant by making its Pi Day special a mirror of Pi itself. All pizzas will go for just $3.14 for all of Tuesday. 
  • Dickey’s Barbecue Pit:Although it doesn't serve pizza, Pi Day makes Dickey's kinda nutty. All diners who plunk down at least $10 for an order at Dickey's receive a free slice of pecan pie in celebration of the day. 
  • Domino’s Pizza:While the dotted tile dominoes actually honor Pi Day, as seen in this video, Domino's —  the pizza chain —   is apparently already on board with the #addE2πday campaign since it refuses to even call it Pi Day anymore. Instead, the chain refers to it as "Pie Day." Its LTO celebrating the day gives customers a large three-topping carryout pie for $7.99. And no matter how you slice that number, it has little to do with the number pi.  
  • Hungry Howie’s: This chain's outlets, everywhere but Florida, are selling a one-topping pizza for $3.14 with a Howie bread purchase. 
  • Pieology:Customers will get pizza with all the toppings they want for $3.14.
  • Villa Italian Kitchen:Locations participating nationally offer full-size Neapolitan cheese pizzas for $3.14.
  • Your Pie:All locations have $3.14 pizzas, combos and craft beers.

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