Carl's Jr., Hardee's split into separate brands, Carl's kicks off ad campaign

CKE Restaurants Inc. is separating the Carl's Jr. and Hardee's brands to create a distinct identity for each, starting with Carl's Jr. CKE selected Havas Chicago as its creative agency for both brands, making it responsible for content via all digital, social, broadcast and online video channels, a news release said.  

Havas has developed a new multichannel campaign, "Call of Carl's," voiced by actor Matthew McConaughey. The campaign centers on creating a "crave culture," that, according to the release, "will leverage this behavioral phenomenon to create a manifestation and vocalization of food cravings, specifically around the brand's iconic Western Bacon Cheeseburger." 

Three cravings are addressed by the campaign: what the body wants, what the body needs; and a "hybrid" of the two known as "associative craving" — connecting food and personal experience. 

"The speed of marketing today is leaving brands and traditional agencies behind," Jason Peterson, Havas Creative U.S. Chair and Chief Creative Officer, said in the release. "By shifting both our thinking and making from 'creatives' to 'creators,' we're able to come up with culturally relevant ideas, and create and execute them with immediacy. 

"As a brand that understands the need to be one step ahead of culture, CKE embraced this model and knew this is what it would take to create inspired work for both brands."  

Carl's Jr.'s recently opened a flagship restaurant in Manhattan, in addition to 23 new restaurants opened in January, including international growth in Mexico, France, Spain and Cambodia.

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