KFC taps cats to hawk chicken today

KFC taps cats to hawk chicken today

Can cats sell chicken? KFC certainly thinks so. That's why the brand has created a giant automated "Colonel-esque" cat toy to handle the job during a livestream event today on Facebook where the brand said it will shamelessly exploit the renowned popularity of online cat videos by airing its own super toy in action, a release said.

The brand joined forces with online entertainment website, Super Deluxe, to host today's event featuring the robotified Colonel-shaped cat "climber" amidst an ever-growing cast of supporting feline players. It all takes place from 2 to 6 p.m. Eastern Time on Super Deluxe's Facebook page today where the somewhat frightening-looking automated Colonel Climber will spin canes and string ties, rotate his head and — since laser toys are known to drive cats a little buggy — laser-shooting eyes. 

The brand will employ a "carrot and stick" approach with this event, reporting that the colonel climber will increasingly add new and more "wow-ful" features as the livestream audience grows. Likewise, a growing cast of cats will join as time marches on throughout the afternoon as well. In fact, at one point the 7-foot-tall Colonel climber starts speaking, which, of course, the cats are expected to completely ignore.  

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