Long John Silvers at war with itself

There is not a lot of competition in the QSR seafood race, but Long John Silver’s is apparently still in the mood for a rumble. It introduced a competition this week for its classic battered and dipped whitefish, in the form of a boozy new competitor, beer-battered cod. 

According to a news release, this is the first time, since Long John Silver’s opened in 1969, that the brand has offered two batter options. And, as is often the case in new ventures, this one is — at least for now — only temporary.

"It is the "Battle of the Batters' and we expect this to be a nail-biter," Long John Silver's Marketing Vice President Marilyn Nicholson, said in a news release. "We believe in healthy competition and in this case we are stepping into the ring with two heavyweights."

The beer batter is also a nice complement to the flavor of the cod, according to the chain's vice president of culinary innovation, Chef Peter Czizek. 

"This is a must-try for pub-style fish and chips lovers," Czizek said, in the news release. "The fresh flavor of the fish is the perfect complement to the rich and savory beer-batter flavor and amber color, which marries flavors reminiscent of brewed hops with a deeply satisfying crunch. I think the elements will speak to our core customers and give them another product to love."

The beer-battered cod performed extremely well in 2016 tests when it actually outsold the classic battered fish in some cases. The chain also emphasizes that its cod and pollack are wild-caught in the northern Pacific, which it says is among the best-managed, most sustainable fisheries in the world. The fish is flash-frozen on the fishing boats and free of antibiotics, hormones, artificial color and flavor and is not genetically modified, according to the release.

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