Note to McDonald's: Never underestimate a manic fanbase

Note to McDonald's: Never underestimate a manic fanbase

Take one hit television show; combine a rabid fanbase with a major fast food brand and some heavy-duty Disney nostalgia, and voila, you have the makings of a mob. That's what McDonald's experienced this weekend with its one-day return of the Szechuan sauce that it had introduced in the1990s as part of a promotion of Disney's movie, "Mulan," according to Huffington Post.

McDonald's opted to bring the sweet nugget dipping sauce back for one day — Oct. 7—  after fans of the television show, "Rick and Morty" repeatedly demanded it following an April episode of the show on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. In that episode, Rick (an older adult "genius") and Morty (his less-gifted grandson) seek McDonald's Szechuan dipping sauce in order to fulfill Rick's desire for it.

McDonald's, apparently, didn't deliver enough of the sauce packets to satisfy dedicated "Rick and Morty" fans, who lined up nationally under the Golden Arches for their golden opportunity at the fabled sauce. After long lines and short supplies reported by fans, social media users went wild on the brand.

McDonald's finally responded Sunday night telling fans that they would get their sauce, and plenty of it, but not until winter.

McDonald's responded to an email from QSRweb saying it would not provide further details regarding the problems experienced Saturday or plans for the next release of the sauce, saying that the statement released via Twitter was sufficient. 

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