McDonald's France intros burger by 'la McFork'

June 15, 2017 | by S.A. Whitehead

McDonald's may be the iconic American brand, but at least in France this month the brand has made a concession to the sensibilities of the oh-so-refined tastes of that nation by introducing forks and knives for the brand's new high-end "Signature" burger. 

The United Kingdom's popular Mirror newspaper reports that — in a bid to compete with the influx of gourmet burger chains today -— McDonald's France is piloting recyclable plastic forks and knives for its Signature burgers, beginning this week at 10 French McDonald's outlets. 

The higher-end burgers are about double the cost of other burgers at the chain (which customers will just have to eat with their hands, thank you)  in France. Signature burgers are cooked to order and served on a brioche-style bun with options like blue cheese and bacon.

McDonald's market chief for France, Xavier Royaux, is quoted in the Mirror as telling reporters, "In recent months we have seen a reorganization of the burger market. Among things on offer are gourmet burgers, so as a pioneer and leader it was essential to position ourselves.

"Cutlery is a development rather than a break with the past, in the same way that we've brought in table service, now available at more than 80 per cent of our restaurants."

The cutlery pilot will roll out eventually to all 1,400 McDonald's outlets in France, and could then move to the U.K. if the option proves successful. France is the chain's second most popular market, right behind the U.S. where we relatively uncouth Americans — at least for now — have to continue eating our burgers with our grubby little hands. 

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