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Touchscreen germs still worry consumers

Touchscreen germs still worry consumersiStock Photo

Consumers are still concerned about using public touchscreens due to fears of germ transmission, according to a recent survey. Some are even changing their behavior to avoid using them altogether in public venues.

The survey, released by Ultraleap, which produces a natural user interface, was conducted in the U.K., U.S., China and Japan and revealed that more than half of consumers in these markets (52%) are concerned about touchscreen hygiene, and those concerns are broader than just COVID-19.

The survey also found that the majority of respondents (72%) are changing their behavior at least sometimes to avoid germs on public touchscreens and nearly a third (29%) are always changing their behavior. These behaviors include: touching the screen as little as possible (25%), using hand sanitizer before (29%) or after (45%) touching the screen, or even avoiding places where they have to use a touchscreen (10%).

The research also revealed that consumers are not only open to (83%) but are actively positive about touchless solutions as an alternative to touchscreens — 68% of respondents said that they'd be more likely to visit a grocery store or fast-food restaurant if it offered a touchless self-service screen.

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