Four steps on the path to QSR digital signage success

| by Daniel Waldron
Four steps on the path to QSR digital signage success

The best QSR operators understand that differentiation is critical to success in this highly competitive industry, and that certainly applies to the ways your brand uses digital signage. This is powerful technology, but must be used in an innovative, brand-aligned fashion to unleash its optimum strengths in customer attraction, connection and user experience. 

The question is, how do you create a digital signage network that can keep up with the ever-changing habits of consumers?

It's true that the right hardware, software, content and other signage features are all important to boost brand awareness, increase traffic and generate higher spend. But, the best operators know how to take all those digital signage components and really make them serve as audience "magnets." Here are a few of the best tips for QSR operators: 

Aim for a consistent, cohesive signage strategy 

Due to the volume of digital signage solutions available, it's very easy to think that buying every type of technology available to you will cover all your bases and lead to instant digital signage success. In reality, this approach is just a quick way to bankrupt your business.

It may seem trivial, but cohesion can be massively important to enhancing the user experience. Plus, cohesion makes things easier for you. If you have a digital network that's made up of several different components, it becomes too much to manage and monitor.

In terms of customers, from an aesthetic point of view, your digital signage network should tell a story that’s visually consistent. That's why it's critical for QSR operators to take a step back and look at your digital signage solution. Ask yourself: Is it truly attractive to the typical customer? 

Use the power of social media to amplify your digital messaging

Recently published data from the Digital Information World indicates 71 percent of consumers look to social media when making purchasing decisions. It's key then that QSR operators always consider social media with any of their digital signage messaging. Failure to make that connection means you're missing a huge audience.

In fact, linking digital signage advertising with social media creates trust, generates web traffic and can even increase customer volume. Social media recommendations between consumers carry weight when it comes to building trust and rapport. Embracing social media also shows that you’re committed to engaging with your audience.

Make it truly useful 

The best brands really make their digital signage a great tool for customers. QSR operators that really know how to maximize their digital signage are also using it as a means toward easing customer communication and quickening customer service. Self-serving kiosks are one way to meet these goals, but the best operators make customer and business usefulness a key consideration in their digital signage strategy. 

That's because digital signage helps customers shop on their own terms by, for instance, giving customers the time they need to select products from an inventory on a digital screen and pay for their selections, as well. Likewise, kiosks can remove the need for customers to wait in line, simultaneously reducing overall wait times, improving customer service and reducing strain on your staff.

Keep up with your audience

Digital signage success is achievable, hence the reason that this market is growing. However, maintaining digital signage success requires you to stay in tune with your customers. If you fall out of sync, you will lose your appeal. Right from the outset, your digital signage project must be a customer-centric tool. 

If you lose sight of your customers by over-complicating your efforts with flamboyant, hard-to-manage digital signage with off-topic content, you’re doomed to fail. Ask yourself the simple question, "Why do I need digital signage?" If your answer failed to even consider your customers' needs and desires then digital signage will not work for you.

However, if you build a digital signage strategy around your customers and their needs, your use of this technology will be highly likely to increase your QSR's bottom line. And that is, after all, the end-goal of all this. 

Note: A version of this story first appeared on sister site, DigitalSignageToday. 

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