KFC Canada presents Bitcoin Bucket LTO ... original recipe or 'extra crypt-y'

Oh, you Canadians, always up to something a little off the wall, and this week has certainly been no exception on your KFC Canada Twitter page. Seems the Far North contingent of the Colonel's original recipe restaurants are now offering The Bitcoin Bucke LTO. 

The Canadian branch of the global fried chicken QSR yesterday posted that it's now offering a bucket of its prized fried poultry for the bitcoin equivalent of about $20. But the chain points out that, in fact, KFC Canada itself is really not sure what bitcoins are. 

The Bitcoin Bucket contains 10 chicken tenders, waffle fries, a medium side, gravy and two dips.

The LTO is available in Canada and is making a good deal of news around cryptocurrency websites globally. Cryptocurrency Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency which recently reached its highest value ever at the end of October. Its price changes with market alterations like other forms of currency. 

But this Canadian social media LTO promotion was aimed squarely at marketing the chain, rather than making money directly from bitcoin transactions. In that respect, KFC Canada broke the bank since the social media post has generated thousands of comments and retweets, as well as that little darling of the PR industry, free press. 

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